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Dr. Pamidighamtam Sreenivasa Rao, M.A (Astrology) PhD Popularly known as Sreenivasa Siddhanthi , is a Retired Manager (Depot) Food corporation of India. He was blessed with Durgamaa Upasana Mantra by Courtallam Petadhipathi Sri Siddheswarannada Bharathi Swamy.

He established DURGAA JYOTHISHYALAM in 2003. He pursued different streams of astrology and all occult sciences through recognized and prestigious Institutions and Universities.

Predictions, Suggestions and Counselling will be provided in the following areas

2.Career development
3.Business selection and growth
4.Foreign assignments / Settlement
5.Marriage and marital life
6.Child birth
7.Acquisition of Property
8.Success in Litigation (Court Cases)

Accurate instant predictions are being given through Prasna Sastra for all critical problems and giving guidance to customers. Depending on the necessity, counselling the persons to mitigate life's burning problems and suggesting necessary remedial measures and pathways.

Dr.Pamidighamtam sreenivasa Rao

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Astrology enables us to know about all the events of a native through the interpretation based on the position of constellations, signs, Planets, and their relationships for a given moment, be it a birth or query.

Vastu Shastra

Maharshis propounded Vastu Sutras, with their intuition and observations, with an ideal intention for the well being of mankind to guide and help people. It is an environmental science. and a time tested method of bringing in positive energy to the living place.

Vastu Shastra helps to make our lives better and healthier and will save from things going wrong to a certain extent. It is the art of building houses, temples etc..


This science of fortune is as old as human civilization. CHALDIAN SYSTEM is an ancient but accurate system because of its mystic nature. PYTHOGORAS developed another system of numerology. It is the study of the numerical values of the letters in words, names etc..


Palmistry is logical, lucid and interesting. No two persons' lives will be alike. Similarly no two lines or mounts in hands will be alike. They are so marked, that they indicate different lives. Through palmistry capabilities, nature and the future etc can be known.