About Us

He is a highly qualified Vedic & Stellar Astrologer, Eminent Palmist, Numerology and Vastu Consultant. Predictions are being given in Combination of all Shastras, Pinpointing the actual Problems, Suggesting the correct remedies for Problems and Serving the Society by counseling the needy persons.


Jyothisha praveena (K.P. System)

Jyothisha siromani (Meena-2 Nadi System)

vastu praveena ( J.V.S )

C.I.J, Diploma in jyothisham ( P.S.T.U )

C Numerology palmistry ( I.C.A.S )

BSC, M.A (Pub Admn) D.com , M.A (Jothisham) , PhD

Special Courses Studied

1. Vastu – Interior decoration

2. Advanced predictions through analysis of Bhavas

3. Predictive Techniques of palmistry

4. Advanced Predictive Techniques in Astrology

5. Naadi Jyothisham

6. Handwriting Analysis

7. Graphology

8. Anga samudrika

9. Signaturology

10. Astro-palmistry

11. Medical Astrology


1. Jyothisha Visarada

2. Jyotish Ratna

3. Jyotirnidhi

4. Nadi Jyothisha Praveena

5. K.P Jyothisha Abhigna

6. K.P Jyothisha Sreepragya

Rewarded with Swarna kankanam, kanakabhishekam and lifetime Achievement award


* Gold medalist in Jyothisham from Potti Sree Ramulu Telugu University

* Research Scholar in Astrology on marital matters from Florida University USA

* 5 star rating as Astrologer by urban clap

* Predictions and prophecy in combination of all occult Sciences viz traditional Astrology, K.P system, stellar Astrology, numerology, Palmistry Prasna Sastra etc.

* 24 years of professional practical experience

* Eminent palmist and Astro-palmistry specialist