Palmistry -It’s importance

Detection of illhealth through palmistry

Vastu- actual facts

Modern vastu it’s impacts and importance

Treatise on foreign travel and settlement

Medical Astrology

Importance of kama trikona houses in marital matters

Significance of stellar Astrology etc

Articles on various topics in different subjects in palmistry, Astrology and vastu are being published in many leading Astrological Telugu and English magazines.

Seminars And Conferences :

Participated in many astrological workshops, meetings, national conferences and international seminars conducted by U.C.A, J.V.V.S , I.C.A.S, K.P Astrologers forum India, star astro research foundation etc.. and delivered lectures in some of them


1. Jyothirvastu vignana samstha (J.V.V.S)

2. Universal Research Institute of Astro and Occult Sciences (URIAOS)

3. India Council of Astrological Sciences (I.C.A.S)